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Jon Bon Jovi is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think he has released some absolute classics and this was one that lived with me for a long time and still probably does.

In Always, I have no idea if he is singing about an actual experience of his own or whether this was just inspired writing, either way it is an excellent track because it really covers the true feelings of when a relationship ends and when one person still remains in love.

I think this appealed so much to me because I was already a fan of the group, but when I was at school, people were starting to enter into relationships; you see girls having their first crush and hearing these lyrics really makes you think. To be fair, although it’s a love song it is actually highlighting the pitfalls and downside of love because he is singing about a break up.

There is a very good guitar and piano solo which in part is really appealing because it really provides the listener with space to think before he really drives this track home.

It’s far from a depressing track which is probably what distinguishes it from those depressing pop songs about break ups. This is inspired from the vocals, to the guitar, the piano and the lyrics. I always felt like the hairs on the back of my neck would stand up when this came on. It was and remains an excellent track for me and I think when you are in love this appeals even more simply because of the chorus as he demonstrates everything he would do for the one he loves even though he might have lost her.

It’s a classic and if you haven’t heard it before I’m not sure where you have been but you really need to give it a listen and feel his emotion.

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